Features / Central Message Inbox

One inbox for all your conversations with prospects and clients

Streamline all client communications with a single inbox that handles text, emails, Facebook messages, Google messages, voice drops, and more

Why do I need a Central Message Inbox

It’s crazy how many options we have for communicating with each other: texts, phone calls, DMs on social media, etc. Well, guess what? Your prospects are reaching out to businesses in multiple ways.

Imagine receiving all those messages in one place and responding to inquiries without jumping from app to app or platform to platform. Your productivity and response rate will go through the roof and so will your conversions and sales.

Respond faster, win more clients

Never miss another message from your contacts again. ClientHQ lets you view, organise and respond to messages from text, email, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Google reviews and more from one inbox. No more app hopping.

What’s even better is that with our AI chat options, you can automate the responses so that your audience is getting engaged and finding the answers they need to make the next step on the sales journey…even while you are flat-out working or just Netflix and chilling.

ClientHQ gives you everything you need to attract clients, close deals and run your business